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Find your hotel or rental according to your budget

Find your hotel or rental according to your budget

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Rennatto is both time saving and mastery of your budget during future trips

Rennatto was created in order to allow an Internet user to issue a request for short-term accommodation, receive quotations and make a reservation with the custodian of the accommodation offer without being specialized on a particular type of accommodation and with the guarantee not to exceed its budget.

The objective of Rennatto is so simplify the online search of short-term accommodation and help exchanges between the traveler and the host especially with the realization a quote online.

Some figures to give you an idea

  • On average, a user visits 4 different sites and information in seven locations before booking

  • 25% booked a travel service due to e-mailing

  • 89% want to be able to check the lowest rates, 85% want a price guarantee

  • 55% of travelers have as main obstacle the budget accommodation

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