Register your ad

1 – Register your ad

Identify the type of your accommodation and your destination together with the dates of the trip, the preferred services, and precise your budget. You can precise any special need in the request.
Review the offers

2 – Review the offers

You look at the proposals for your application and if you want to know more about the offer, you can send a message to the supplier. You can also reject proposals in which you are not interested.
Book your accommodation

3 – Book your accommodation

Once your choice has been made and the offer accepted, you will be asked to pay online the fees and any deposit requested by the supplier, in order to confirm your booking and receive your booking code.

4 – Stay

Go to your destination. Give your reservation code to your host, this will allow him to receive your deposit. Have a good stay !
Register your accommodation

1 – Register your accommodation

Record a description of your hotel or accommodation including services, location, photos, etc. You can also describe it in several languages and specify paying options.
Review the ads

2 – Review the ads

You look at the ads for a location within a radius of up to 100 km from your hotel or accommodation either by the search page of the site or by a notification received in your email box.
Make an offer

3 – Make an offer

When you hold an ad, you can reply by specifying in particular the price as well as the duration of validity of your offer. A quote will then be created and submitted for validation to the issuer of the announcement.
Welcome your guests

4 – Welcome your guests

Once the quote has been validated, you will be notified by email of this reservation. On the scheduled date, you will welcome your guests who will communicate their booking code. This code will allow you to close this reservation and to receive the possible deposit for this stay.

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